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We went out on October 1st, difficulties didn't start until we were ready to leave the boathouse
a screw came loose on the new destroyer, then a pump shorted out, it took a little while to
find which pump it was but we managed after about 25 minutes, after that the trip was very good.
It was really hot and Ed and I were beat when it was over. all in all it was a fun day
Lots more to come next year.

This site is designed for those individuals who are interested in the development and enjoyment of Radio Controlled Ships built from scratch.
Below are some of the ships that I have made over the years. Click on the picture for a larger view, right click and back to return.

Tug pushing an Icebreaker Two Perry class frigates and
one sherman class destoyer 72 Frigate tied up

tied up to the pier Icebreaker Westwind Cruising forest park 72.gif

steaming away High Seas aftersection1

Picture on lower right is the aftersection of my new Burke 2A class Destroyer.

Mr. Han Dong took the picture of the Burke Destroyer lower right in winds of 25-30 mph

Enjoy the site and let me know if you did

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Quote from John Lennon. "life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans".
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